The Go Giver Podcast by Bob Burg and Lolly Daskal

The Go Giver Podcast Bob Burg and Lolly Daskal

Bob Burg is an award-winning author and popular keynote speaker at corporate leadership and sales conferences. His book Endless Referrals and business parable series The Go Giver both focus on building relationships while placing people first.

In this short episode, he introduces the Five Laws of Stratospheric Success through an example involving Joe – an ambitious Go-Giver with aspirations for success.

What is The Go Giver?

The Go Giver Podcast is an inspiring audio show for business owners, salespeople, and anyone seeking a life of success, joy and significance. Based on the best-selling book The Go-Giver, The Go Giver Podcast covers five Laws of Stratospheric Success with insights from coauthor Bob Burg.

Bob Burg is an internationally-recognized speaker and best-selling author, frequently being invited as keynote speaker at corporate and entrepreneurial events worldwide. His keynote speeches have featured broadcasters, Olympic athletes, business leaders and even former US Presidents! His message centers around his belief that successful people recognize that giving leads to greatness; coauthoring numerous bestsellers including Wall Street Journal/Business Week/USA Today bestseller The Go-Giver as well as its companion works Go-Givers Sell More/Lead More; Adversaries Into Allies as well as Endless Referrals present similar messages of an outlook needed for business success/influence!

The Go-Giver tells the tale of Joe, an ambitious go-getter driven by his desire for success but feeling his goals seem out of reach. On an advice call with Pindar he learns of Five Laws of Stratospheric Success that hold the key to achieving that desired success and finding meaning and fulfillment in life.

What defines someone as an effective giver? It isn’t about being nice – although that certainly plays a part. Instead, it involves giving in ways that touch many lives in meaningful ways while remaining genuine, prioritizing others over yourself and being open to receiving. Being an excellent giver also means making conscious efforts each day to be the highest quality version of yourself.

Sandler Training’s signature approach, The Go-Giver, serves as the basis of its sales, management, and customer service training services for individuals up to Fortune 500 companies worldwide. Their training draws upon The Go-Giver principles to foster trusted relationships among its students – so for more information about it all please visit Sandler’s website today.

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What are the Five Laws of Stratospheric Success?

The Five Laws of Stratospheric Success are a set of rules designed to guide our business practices. Their purpose is to move us away from focusing on getting as much out of every transaction to investing significant value into every interaction, according to The Go Giver’s belief that this approach not only leads to more pleasant business dealings but is also financially lucrative.

To illustrate these rules, The Go Giver tells the tale of Joe, an otherwise successful sales executive who desires more in life. After failing to meet his sales quota during an especially challenging quarter, Joe turns to a mentor for advice; their introduction leads him to many others who teach him Five Laws of Stratospheric Success while each individual illustrates one in their own unique manner.

The Law of Value states that our true worth can be measured by how much more value we add to others than we receive as payment. By creating goodwill amongst people and giving back in kind, we can open up opportunities for financial success and financial freedom.

Joe learned the Law of Compensation during his next lesson. This law states that our income is determined by how much value we bring to each relationship and level of service provided, thus creating a powerful brand with loyal customers while becoming industry leaders.

Joe learned in the third law the value of expanding his influence by building a network of personal ambassadors. Doing this requires rejecting quid pro quo and win-win scenarios in favor of prioritizing others’ interests over our own, in order to build an army of people who know, like and trust us who can promote our business without incurring additional expenses.

The fourth law is the Law of Authenticity, which asserts that our most valuable commodity is ourselves and for our efforts to be truly effective, we must remain true to who we are as individuals. By combining Value, Compensation, Influence and Authenticity laws together, business dreams become unstoppable.

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How can you become a Go Giver?

Go-Givers are people who prioritize giving others value as a top priority in both business and life. Go-Givers understand that giving is at the center of life; their clients, prospects, colleagues, acquaintances all benefit from what they give. Go-Givers possess immense integrity who understand that building strong connections with people first involves giving back rather than simply receiving goods in return. Go-Givers excel at networking because their relationships focus on giving rather than taking from one another – this makes them highly effective networking partners!

Bob Burg is well known as coauthor of The Go-Giver and has become an in-demand speaker at corporate conferences and entrepreneurial events alike. A staunch supporter of Free Enterprise systems, Burg believes that how much money you make directly correlates with how many people you help.

Bob Burg is not only an author and entrepreneur; he’s also an active board member at Furry Friends Adoption Clinic & Ranch in Jupiter, Florida and acts as an advocate and adviser to business owners and executives worldwide on topics of sales leadership, and marketing strategy.

Bob identified one of the biggest mistakes business people make as being trying to be what other people want them to be. A successful entrepreneur must demonstrate an authentic interest in understanding client wants, needs and desires as a way of selling products or services more successfully to clients as well as creating referral business.

To establish genuine interest with your clients, it’s essential that you spend some time listening and learning their needs – once this knowledge has been gained, you can tailor your approach and provide value that keeps clients coming back for more.

Selling is an integral component of business, yet entrepreneurs may find it challenging to get comfortable selling. If this is something that has you stuck, consider seeking sales training with Sandler Training–the world leader in sales training for individuals and organizations of all sizes.

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What is the Go Giver Movement?

The Go-Giver Movement is a collective of like-minded individuals seeking a life of personal and professional success that is enjoyable, less stressful, and more profitable. Together they meet online to share ideas, collaborate, mastermind in real time during weekly live Zoom calls based on The Five Laws of Stratospheric Success from The Go-Giver – making this community unique in business mentorship terms!

Bob Burg is joined in this episode of Systems Simplified Podcast by Adi Klevit, CEO of The Go-Giver Community Network. They discuss its philosophy, how its community network assists businesses thrive and why relationships play such an integral part in conducting business.

One key idea from The Go-Giver is that true worth should not be measured by how much one gains, but by how much value they add in return. A go-giver is defined as someone who seeks out ways to add value in other people’s lives; this may involve providing free services or sharing knowledge.

Another essential principle is placing others’ interests before your own. This means prioritizing building relationships and helping other achieve their goals whenever possible; go-givers know this is key for creating an abundant and joyful lifestyle.

The Go-Giver Movement exists to promote global change and help more people become truly successful. This goal can be reached by providing tools, teachings and connections necessary for people to build lives that are more enjoyable, less stressful and profitable.

To learn more about The Go-Giver Movement, visit its website at and subscribe to Bob’s Daily Impact email; this short message provides daily inspiration that adds value and supports professional success and personal fulfillment on the path towards both. Subscribers also receive periodic updates regarding this movement as well as blog posts from Bob Burg. Burg is a Hall of Fame keynote speaker and coauthor of John David Mann’s Go-Giver series of books; as a Go-Giver expert he has helped thousands change perspectives on business globally – not forgetting his passion for animal advocacy!